Debra Massack
Medical Transcriptionist

Q: What do you like best about working at Transcription Plus, LLC?
A: The work is interesting. I find the human body and its functions fascinating. I really appreciate the fact that I can have flexibility and spend time with family. This past year, that proved to be the most important benefit. My father was given a terminal diagnosis last summer. Without the flexibility afforded by this position, I would not have had the time to spend with him before he passed. The time we spent together is precious to me.

Q: What is your contribution to Transcription Plus, LLC for this past year? Can you give an example of a challenging assignment?
A: My contribution is my dedication to turn out a good work product to our clients. My most challenging assignment this past year was transferring from cardiology to rheumatology. I accepted the challenge and learned what I needed to move forward. It has been a great experience.

Q: How do you describe your work ethic?
A: I believe I am a hard worker. I complete my assignments. I care about the quality of my work. My grandparents taught me that if you are going to spend your time doing something, do it well. It's a good rule to follow, no matter what you do.

Q: Tell me about your proudest achievement outside of work.
A: My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last month.

Q: What are 5 words that would best be used to describe you?
A: Creative, persistent, fun-loving, curious, detailed.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
A: My husband and I enjoy road trips. I inherited my father's love for flea markets. I also enjoy anything DIY, gardening, fishing, cooking, and genealogy. We have two cats and one of them thinks he is a dog. He sits on command and hunts for treats with the determination of a hound.

Q: What is your personal mission statement?
A: You meet the same people on the way up that you meet on the way down, so treat everyone with respect.



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