Linda Julia
Senior Medical Transcriptionist

What is the favorite part about your work day?

I enjoy working in the early morning hours before the day gets too hectic, as I find I am more productive.

What are the 'pros' of your job?

The pros of my job have been being able to call my own hours. While raising 3 children throughout the years, I have been able to attend all of their school functions and “be there for them” yet still hold a job and help with the family finances. I strongly feel it is important for mothers to be home with their children, especially in the high school years.
What are your favorite hobbies?

Spending time with my children, going to the beach, reading.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

My all time favorite is Disney World.

If you could accomplish one thing this year, what would it be?

Now that I have the “empty nest”, I want to be able to work all of my hours during the week and having my weekends off.

What do you do to wind down from a long day at work?
I take a Zumba class or go for a long walk with the neighborhood ladies.
Do you have any pets?

We have 2 cats; Midnight and Achilles.

Additional personal or professional comments:

Working for Transcription Plus, LLC has allowed me to work as a professional at home while raising my children and being involved in their school and extracurricular activities.

Tell us about your children:

I have 3 boys, my twins Jeff and Jon, and my youngest, Jason. Jeff graduated from Northeastern University this spring and is presently work as an engineer for an energy efficient company in Boston. Jon graduated from Boston College and is currently attending Georgetown University completing a Special Masters Program in Physiology and Biophysics and applying for medical school. Jason is a freshman at Boston University majoring in pre-medicine biology and playing rugby.

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