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Absolutely Accurate NewsOctober 2010

For some people Halloween is scary, horrifying, and stressful.   Yet for others Halloween is fun, delightful, and stress-free.  The same adjectives used for Halloween can be used when dealing with transcription.

If you do not know where your dictations are ACTUALLY BEING transcribed, you should be very SCARED....because many transcription companies are sending your personal information off-shore to be transcribed, which runs a HIGH risk of PHI being sold - NOW THAT'S BEYOND SCARY.  To protect yourself and learn more, visit our info page here.


At Transcription Plus, LLC we want your experience to be fun, delightful, and stress-free -- exceeding all of your expectations! 

Relying on our 21+ years of industry knowledge is just one of the many ways we are able to give you that type of experience, by providing you with a transcriptionist(s) to personally handle your account, as if they were working beside you.

Transcription Plus, LLC makes your experience stress-free with our HIPAA compliant secure site for file transfer, toll-free digital dictation options, and absolutely accurate documentation which is provided by our highest standards of quality and accuracy.
Transcription Plus, LLC enhances the value of the spoken word by producing ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE Medical Records (narrative, progress, surgical & insurance reports, etc), Medical Research Studies, Meeting Minutes, Policy & Procedure Manuals, Interviews (1:1 or group), Arbitrations, Depositions, Hearings, Marketing Research and Surveys, Focus Groups, Special Projects, Video Production Transcripts, Miscellaneous Word Processing, and more.  Please click to read more on our services.

To learn more about the risks of sending your documentation off-shore, visit our ALL WORK IS PERFORMED IN THE USA information page here.

Call us today, so we can help you get the transcription services you want now.

Wishing you a Halloween that is trick-free and full of treats!
Mary Goehring
Executive Director
Transcription Plus, LLC
Phone: 860-583-2818


About Us

Transcription Plus, LLC keeps all staff, offices, and data within the United States, and takes protecting data very seriously.

View our website here to learn more about our 100% USA-based offices and staff.

Please contact me directly at 860-583-2818 or

Mary A. Goehring
Transcription Plus, LLC
40 Acorn Lane
Bristol, Connecticut 06010
Transcription Plus, LLC
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Staff_SpotlightStaff Spotlight

Karen Johnson received her medical transcription certification from Tunxis Community College and began working with Transcription Plus, LLC in May of 1998. Her impeccable attention to quality and dedication to client satisfaction earned her the position of manager (2nd in command of daily activities). In addition to work management, her main specialties include: Cardiology, Pathology, Psychology/Psychiatry, Board Meetings, Focus Groups and Orthopedics. Karen is always 1st to jump at a chance to solve a challenge and, if she does not know something, takes incredible initiative to learn.


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