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 May 2011
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Sony Online Entertainment recently announced personal information has been stolen in a cyber-attack in April, 2011.  The hackers obtained over 77 million user's personal customer information (including name, address, email, gender, birth date, phone number, login name and password).
customer vulnerable to identity theft.
In 1999, the Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Hotline (877-ID-THEFT) was established to take reports of identity theft, as well as to provide information on how not to become a victim.  Statistics confirmed that identity theft was not increasing; however, this incident will leave Sony's customers as possible victims to identity theft.


We are all at risk for financial and medical identity theft (a version of identity theft consisting of stealing information that allows treatment and even costly surgeries to be accomplished by submitting false bills to our insurance companies), and exposure of our personal information and trade secrets are at risk.  Protection of personal information is critically important, and it does take effort to keep our personal information private.


In addition to producing absolutely accurate documentation, Transcription Plus, LLC focuses on protecting client data by keeping it confidential and secure.


Transcription Plus, LLC protects and holds our clients' information secure and in the strictest confidence.  We take measures to insure the confidentiality of your information.  Our dedicated staff is bound by a Statement of Confidentiality.  All information received from our clients to accomplish a project is considered "TOP SECRET" and used only by Transcription Plus, LLC as needed to complete the task at hand and in no way divulged to a third party.  All computers are password protected to prevent unauthorized access, and we maintain commercially appropriate security safeguards on all computers.  Encryption software is implemented for the security of files.  All files are uploaded or downloaded on a secure server.  Our staff has only limited access to the Transcription Plus, LLC system - that only which is necessary to perform their specific duties.  All tangible records are considered confidential and are kept under lock and key, and all material disposed of is shredded. 


Keeping your information secret and secure is what we do and is our priority.  We not only create your documents and records but we protect the information therein.  Regarding medical records, when the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was enacted, Transcription Plus, LLC actually had to make no changes to be compliant.


If you are a valued customer, this is just a reminder how safe and secure your information continues to be with us. 


And if you are looking to keep your information safe then you will want to create an alliance with Transcription Plus, LLC today. 


We are not only Absolutely Accurate but also Absolutely Secure. I am personally looking forward to hearing from you.



Mary A. Goehring
Transcription Plus, LLC
Corporate Office
40 Acorn Lane
Bristol, Connecticut 06010
Transcription Plus, LLC



About Us

Transfering your files securely

Transcription Plus, LLC has a secure File Transport Protocol (FTP) server for client file transfer.  A User ID with password is given to each client so they access only their directories and files. 


An FTP server has proven to be the simplest and most secure way to exchange files between two companies.  Transcription Plus, LLC FTP server exceeds the guidelines for HIPAA Standards.  Clients can securely upload voice files from their handheld digital recorders or other devices.  


In addition, Transcription Plus, LLC owns numerous toll free digital dictation lines.  Transcription Plus, LLC clients receive their unique 800 number.  If the client chooses to use the 800 number for dictation, the files are automatically saved to Transcription Plus, LLC secure FTP server once the dictation is complete. 


Transcription Plus, LLC has many clients that use digital recorders, and many clients that use the toll free telephone digital dictation. 

Transcription Plus, LLC provides the highest standards for keeping confidential and securing the digital files and the finished product.


Transcription Plus, LLC secure FTP server has the capability to store and retrieve transcription records for up to one year and well beyond.  Transcription Plus, LLC secure FTP server has the capability to receive and transmit patient files through secure automated file transfers to and from a client network.


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Please contact me directly at 860-583-2818 or transcriptionplus@comcast.net

Mary A. Goehring


Transcription Plus, LLC
Corporate Office
40 Acorn Lane
Bristol, Connecticut 06010
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Bria Kruseck has played an extremely instrumental role in Transcription Plus, LLC since its' inception. The roots of this company grew out of a need to blend raising a child [Bria] and a career. Currently, Bria's skills as a professional graphic designer visually represent our company through her creative design of our logo, website and advertising material. She is also a part of our general transcription team.


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