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 June 2011

Transcription Choices vs. Choice Transcription  

Transcription Plus, LLC is proud of our 100% USA based offices & staff


The outsourcing of transcription to offshore transcription companies is trendy nowadays.  One of the most popular reasons for using offshore transcription is cost savings, but what is the cost of this so-called savings?  You've heard and probably experienced "You get what you pay for." 


It's true that HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) doesn't disallow outsourcing offshore; however, the countries to which it is outsourced are not bound by U.S. laws, and it could be difficult in the event of a breach to hold these offshore companies accountable. 


Transcriptionists are (or should be) English-language specialists, with English as their 1st language and able to properly transcribe the English language from the spoken word.   Let it be noted that one offshore transcription company boasts that their employees receive four months of training focusing on medical terminology and the English language.  Did we mention getting what you pay for?


In any event, whatever transcription company you chose to transcribe your vital records, the following are a few questions those in the market for transcription services may want to ask:

1) Are audio and data files encrypted? 
2) Are files stored in a server that is in the United States?
3) Who controls the information?
4) Where will the work be performed?
5) Are HIPAA guidelines being adhered to for medical transcription?
6) Who has access to the files?
7) Is English your transcriptionist's 1st language?


Security is a concern and is at the top of the list for most companies, and the above are just a few questions addressing that concern. 


Be assured that Transcription Plus, LLC is Absolutely Accurate in upholding HIPAA regulations, keeping your information private, and providing you with experienced transcriptionists who are well versed in medical and legal terminology, with English as their 1st language.


If you are a valued customer, this is just a reminder how safe and secure your information continues to be with us.


And if you are looking to keep your information safe, then you will want to create an alliance with Transcription Plus, LLC today.


We are not only Absolutely Accurate but also Absolutely Secure. I am personally looking forward to hearing from you.   



Mary A. Goehring
Transcription Plus, LLC
Corporate Office
40 Acorn Lane
Bristol, Connecticut 06010
Transcription Plus, LLC


About Us

Transfering your files securely

Transcription Plus, LLC has a secure File Transport Protocol (FTP) server for client file transfer.  A User ID with password is given to each client so they access only their directories and files. 


An FTP server has proven to be the simplest and most secure way to exchange files between two companies.  Transcription Plus, LLC FTP server exceeds the guidelines for HIPAA Standards.  Clients can securely upload voice files from their handheld digital recorders or other devices.  


In addition, Transcription Plus, LLC owns numerous toll free digital dictation lines.  Transcription Plus, LLC clients receive their unique 800 number.  If the client chooses to use the 800 number for dictation, the files are automatically saved to Transcription Plus, LLC secure FTP server once the dictation is complete. 


Transcription Plus, LLC has many clients that use digital recorders, and many clients that use the toll free telephone digital dictation. 

Transcription Plus, LLC provides the highest standards for keeping confidential and securing the digital files and the finished product.


Transcription Plus, LLC secure FTP server has the capability to store and retrieve transcription records for up to one year and well beyond.  Transcription Plus, LLC secure FTP server has the capability to receive and transmit patient files through secure automated file transfers to and from a client network.


View our website here to learn why to use us.
Please contact me directly at 860-583-2818 or

Mary A. Goehring


Transcription Plus, LLC
Corporate Office
40 Acorn Lane
Bristol, Connecticut 06010
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Julie Holmberg Bowyer

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Julie Holmberg Bowyer began working with Transcription Plus, LLC in May 2011. Julie works closely with the Marketing Manager, Amy McKearney, bringing the Transcription Plus Marketing Message to all Social Media Platforms.


As the Owner of Bowyer Marketing, LLC, Julie knows first hand that On-Line and Social Media Strategies are the key to successful Small Businesses. Julie is pleased to bring her social media marketing skills to work with Mary Goehring and the Transcription Plus Team.

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