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June 2012

We are fast approaching the end of June and it is time for all of us to think about vacation! While I love thinking about planning my own vacation, I also plan an email to all of my clients who, in turn, are planning for their own vacations, as well as their employee's taking time off.


I like to remind our clients that Transcription Plus, LLC provides coverage for vacation and sick leave. This year I'm sending a survey with questions designed to help us make sure we are providing the services that your business needs. But while preparing this email - I found some interesting facts about small businesses and vacation in general; so this month,Ithought I would share this information with you.


Vacation is a necessity, not a luxury.


This is a difficult concept to hold on to while conducting business in an unpredictable economy. "The Latest Sage Small Business Survey indicates that owners have not only had to reinvent their business model during the past five years, but they have also made significant personal sacrifices to keep their operations afloat", says Connie Certusi, EVP and GM, Small Business Accounting Solutions, Sage North America. Some of Sage's survey findings:

  • 42% of small business owners work more hours per week than five years ago
  • 72% of these owners work both longer days and more weekends
  • 78% use a mobile device to access work-related information while away from the office or their computer
  • 84% of those who use mobile technology feel that it has positively affected their company's productivity

Is this increase in your company's productivity worth it? These are stressful times! If you believe in a work - life balance, then you KNOW that my earlier statement is true:




According to a vacation survey by American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor, two out of three entrepreneurs worry while on vacation, about everything from missed business opportunities through employees slacking off. Throw in worries about the economy and rising costs - and it is no wonder that so many small business people are reluctant to take some downtime. So, is there a way to get the worry-free vacation time desperately needed to keep ourselves and our small businesses thriving?


I think there are some options and every one comes with consequences.

  1. Close your business. A popular option, possible with advance planning. It becomes worry-free because your employees are away too. But a closed business doesn't bring in any money and could force your clients who can't wait to take their business elsewhere.

  2. Take your business with you. Take advantage of the current technology and take your business with you - a great way to get a worry-free vacation. As long as you are vacationing in places with adequate technological resources, you are able to keep tabs on things and deal with problems as they arise. This might not work for face-to-face businesses and it is a poor choice in terms of your personal health. A vacation is supposed to rejuvenate and refresh you. Maybe you need to let go of the day-to-day.
  3. Find Replacement Management. Personally, this appears to be the best option. Your business continues to operate and bring in money and the small business owner - YOU - gets what you need most - a real break.

Transcription Plus, LLC is available to provide coverage for your transcription needs while you and your staff are on vacation or during sick leave.


Running a business while on vacation will take a bit of work in advance on your part, but it's the best way to actually get a worry-free vacation, when you do actually take a vacation. Once your vacation plan is in place and you have Transcription Plus in place to handle your transcription needs, going on vacation becomes a whole lot easier.


If you missed the quick survey email, feel free to take it here.


Thanks for being a part of the Transcription Plus, LLC. Community!




Mary Goehring


Transcription Plus, LLC



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Vacation is a necessity

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Hayley Coxe has been with Transcription Plus, LLC since January of 2006, joining us after receiving her medical transcription certificate from Career Step. Her primary expertise is in the medical specialties of cardiology, psychology, and pathology. Hayley's team effort and excellent skills makes her an invaluable member of our staff.

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