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October 2012


Do You Dislike Automated Telephone Prompts as Much as I Do?

We've discovered an in-road to talking to actual people!

Perhaps there should be a video released of consumers reacting to voice-automated responses; beyond the humor, in many cases, it would serve to assure us that we are not alone in our frustration.  I know I've felt thwarted with the choices offered on an automated line. Have you ever tried to talk to one of these automated systems with a child talking to you in the background?  These systems must be sensative to a child's voice, because the selections are always misinterpreted. 


Recently, The Bristol Press published a story about a small business owner who relied on PayPal for customers to make their payments, as well as paying her own bills. But when she got stuck, couldn't execute the task at hand and nothing seemed to be working, she found herself up against the seemingly proverbial brick wall of an abundance of auto selections, none of them appropriate, with no human to lend a hand.
Most small cities have a newspaper or television station with a "Consumer Watchdog" that you can call upon for help. In this case, the "CT Watchdog" was contacted for help. George Gombossy tried at first to contact Google PayPal public relations - and got a run-around. But in that process, he found another link where there was an actual phone number to call for help.
The small business owner had to try multiple times to get through and finally was successful getting beyond the automated contact. She was very appreciative of the information George was able to provide.


Thank you, George, for helping us too!  Included in his article is quick and simple information on where to get help finding thousands of HIDDEN corporate consumer numbers: 
You can reach The Watchdog at and he will respond to as many emails as he can. Visit his site at for comprehensive consumer information.
At Transcription Plus, LLC we have live professionals listening to your needs and transcribing your audio media.  We are proud of our 100% US-based staff too, which allows us to provide you with absolutely accurate documentation.  Click here to learn more about our 100% absolutely accurate guarantee. 
Hope you are enjoying the fall!
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