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October, 2012

For Immediate Release


Telephone Conversation Recording Service

available from Transcription Plus, LLC has a NEW ANDROID APPLICATION

BRISTOL, CT -- October, 2012 - Last October, Transcription Plus, LLC introduced a Telephone Call Recording Service nationally. Crisp and clean, high volume audio recordings of any telephone conversation can be had with no additional equipment required. "Physicians, Attorneys, Law Enforcement and Business Professionals have been asking for a service like this for a long time", explained Mary Goehring, founder of Transcription Plus, LLC. "I was pleased to offer this service and excited that so many of our clients took us up on our offering".

There is a newly-released application for Android users. The "Trunk" button launches three new options:

  • Listen to all your recordings from your Android phone - it doesn't matter which phone you used to originally make the call.
  • Request a transcript of your recording directly from your phone.
  • Send recordings straight to your account. (Evernote, Box or Dropbox)

The "On Demand" button allows you to use your phone as a recording device for live conversations and voice memos. Of course you can always access any recordings you make through the app when you are back in front of your laptop.

"This is what I have been saying all along", says Goehring. "You should never have to rely on memory regarding exactly what was discussed in a telephone conversation again. This is good for your business and good for your life."


Transcription Plus, LLC has been providing absolutely accurate documentation for the medical & legal communities, business professionals and goverment agencies, for over 23 years, and continues to be on top of the technology.


About Mary Goehring

Mary Goehring is the owner and founder of Transcription Plus, LLC and has been in business for over 23 years. Always looking for the latest in technology and innovation, Transcription Plus, LLC helps individuals, business owners and government municipalities with their documentation needs.



Mary Goehring, CEO/Owner, Transcription Plus, LLC