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May 2013


   EHR Dissatisfaction on the Rise
Documentation Hassles Cited as Key Factor

Does your medical office continue to struggle with Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation?  Are you frustrated by the amount of time being wasted with doctors being high-priced clerical workers?   There is an effortless solution to this issue and it lies within Transcription Plus, LLC.

EHR is the new medium for health care, and it is certainly helpful to have a central "filing system" for a person's health records.  It can ease information sharing between sites, lessening the chances of allergic reactions, improve the ability to diagnose diseases and reduce medical malpractice.

However, physicians are spending much of their time doing clerical work.  Previously, all health records were entered via dictation

and a transcriptionist.  Currently, many doctors are skipping that step and entering it themselves into the EHR template. This is causing significant dissatisfaction.  In a 2013 study, The American College of Physicians  (ACP) found that 34% of physicians were reported to be "very dissatisfied with EHR.

One of the reasons for dissatisfaction is the decrease in doctor productivity.  According to the survey done by the ACP, it is "indicated that it is becoming more difficult (FOR MEDICAL PERSONNEL)  to return to pre-EHR implementation productivity. In 2012, 32% of the responders had not returned to normal productivity compared with 20% in 2010."

Additionally, doctors feel less connected to the patients as they are watching the EHR screen during patient visits. A MedScape survey of 21,000 physicians cited the following results: 30% of respondents reported EHRs had a negative impact on the doctor-patient relationship. Of those, 80% said it was due to less eye contact with patients and 75% said there was less conversational time. One physician cited said, "I feel like I'm treating the computer and not the patient.  There's more focus on documentation than on the patient during the patient visit."


Transcription Plus, LLC offers an integrated solution that inputs dictated notes and/or edits speech-generated reports for accuracy right into the provider's own  EHR system.  This allows the provider to continue to work in the accustomed way, without disruption of normal schedules and re-elevating the doctor/patient bond. Not only will the dictation be transcribed, it will be proofread and edited by rigorously medically trained staff.  By working with Transcription Plus, LLC, providers are able to gain all the benefits of an EHR system, while incurring minimal disruption to their practice.


If you don't work in a medical office but go to the doctors, then this is affecting you as a patient.  Learn more and be an advocate for your own provider.  If you are a client, then you are probably taking full advantage of our absolutely accurate service.  


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Mary Goehring


Transcription Plus, LLC



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EHR Dissatisfaction on the Rise
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StaffSpotlightStaff Spotlight

Dana Morgan 
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Dana Morgan has been with Transcription Plus, LLC since November of 2012.  Receiving her transcription education at The Andrews School of Medical Transcription, Dana specializes in Cardiology and Pathology.  Dana has proved herself to be an incredibly reliable staff member, tackling some of the most difficult assignments with continued determination to learn and get it right.



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