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June 2013



Are you gearing up for some summer fun? The team at Transcription Plus, LLC is looking forward to days of summer fun after a long winter.   But, just like we want to help your business, we want to help you be safe this summer. Here are a few tips to help make this summer a safe, happy season.



Some like it hot, hot, hot, but nobody likes it too hot.  Dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are very serious and can become deadly. Be sure to drink more fluids before you become thirsty. Avoid liquids with alcohol, caffeine, and large amounts of sugar because they actually dehydrate you even more. On very hot days, seek places with air-conditioning, such as the public library. Continue to check on the elderly, as they are more prone to heat related illnesses. A cool shower or bath will also help cool your body down. Seek medical attention immediately if you have the following symptoms: A temperature of 104, difficulty breathing, pain in abdomen or chest, confusion, vomiting, or an inability to keep fluids down. 


It's grilling time and the food is fine, unless it is harboring bacteria. Continue to use the same safety standards, such as clean hands and utensils, as you do inside. Pre-heat the grill for at least 20 minutes to ensure proper cooking.   Use a meat thermometer to ensure meat has reached a safe internal temperature. When serving cheese, mayonnaise, or cold salads, keep them chilled at 40 degrees or below until it is time to eat.   A rule of thumb is food should not be left outside for more than 1 hour if it is over 90 degrees.


Burn, baby, burn, but only for a disco inferno, not your skin. There have been leaps in the science of sunscreen, and it comes in water resistant, and offers protection against a broad spectrum of UV rays. But it doesn't work if you don't use it.   Wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15 or higher, and keep reapplying it throughout the day. Skin does not have to feel hot to get burned, so protect yourself even on cloudy days. Add a hat and some UVA/UVB protective sunglasses, and you will be ready to enjoy the day.


Take me to the River, or the beach, or the pool. According to the Center of Disease Control there is an average of 3,533 fatal, unintentional drownings each year. Be sure to swim only in designated swimming areas and never swim alone. You never know when you might get a cramp. Avoid diving when you do not know the depth; severe spinal injuries can occur if people dive and hit their head on the bottom of a pool, lake or other body of water. Be aware that, even if you think you know the depth in a river or lake, it can change over time.


The dog days of summer aren't really for the dogs. Dogs (or any animal or child) should not be left in a car for even a short amount of time. The temperature in a car can rise to over 100 degrees in minutes. Also, paws are susceptible to burns from hot sand and asphalt. Take Fido for a walk early in the morning and later in the evening.


I just called to say I love you and tell you where I'm going. It doesn't matter if you are running, hiking, kayaking, or traveling, it is important that people know where you are. If you fall in the middle of the woods and sprain your ankle, or your car breaks down on a lonely stretch of country road, you will appreciate that someone will come looking for you.


So get out there and enjoy the weather! Be safe, and remember, Transcription Plus, LLC is there to provide coverage for those vacation days. Contact us here for more information.




Mary Goehring


Transcription Plus, LLC



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StaffSpotlightStaff Spotlight

Mary Goehring 



Mary is a highly accomplished and solutions-driven executive with 24+ years of experience leading a transcription company through startup, change, revitalization, turnaround and accelerated growth.


She is a participative business leader who is well-versed and experienced in all aspects of producing accurate documentation from numerous audio file formats in the Medical, Legal, Government and Business fields. Mary is highly experienced in all capacities of the transcription and documentation industry. She has proven successes in the areas of new market identification/penetration, strategic planning and complex problem resolution.


Mary oversees all aspects of day-to-day operations and continues to lead the growth of this expanding transcription company; including client solicitation and cultivation, marketing and sales, staff recruitment and management, risk management, investment management, budget and cost management, contract negotiations, infrastructure development and proprietary IT development.


Mary utilizes a wide variety of state-of-the-art dictation access and production technologies to enhance productivity and efficiency to ensure market competitiveness and on-time delivery; including a HIPAA-compliant secure webserver for digital dictation and/or electronic documentation retrieval, as well as a toll-free dial-up dictation service.


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We welcome the following clients to Transcription Plus, LLC:


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