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6 hours of pain, for a great cause...

The CEO of Transcription Plus, LLC, Mary Goehring, will be doing a SOLO - 6 HOUR ride for life on February 26, 2011. 


This is a spinning event where participants pedal the distance comparable to riding across America and back in one day.  The participants can ride solo or as a team.  Mary participated in this event last year AS A SOLO  6-HOUR RIDER.  She initially had thought of participating as part of a team - Team Goehring - because she questioned whether she could do it by herself.  She was so inspired by all those involved in that event that she gained the strength and determination to do it on her own and didn't need or want any help to do the work of a team.  In Mary's words, "To hell with 'Team Goehring.'  If the other members of 'Team Goehring' want to join in, they can ride their own damn bike."  Mary was the oldest female SOLO 6-HOUR participant...and now can't wait for this year's challenge....she says "BRING IT ON!"


One of the spinning instructors summed it all up during an especially grueling hill-climb:  "Come on, don't you dare think that you can't do this..... you can all get up this big hill...the top is in sight...can you imagine waking up each and every morning having absolutely no choice but to have to fight the hardest battle of your life...seeing your child fighting to live each day?  Think about that!  And then finish getting up this hill!....give me a break....after all, the only thing you're all doing is riding a bike!"  Certainly put everything into perspective.


*Transcription Plus, LLC will match your company's monetary contribution to this event with equal value transcription services.  So, your donation to Abbie's needs will earn you free transcription - a WIN/WIN for everyone!  Please click here to make your contribution. 

The recipient of this year's event is 4-year-old Abbie Brouker who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at 16 months of age.  Abbie also battles a very rare subtype called Myeloid Leukemia Mixed-Lineage Translocation (MLL).  After a bone-marrow transplant, Abbie developed Chronic Graft vs. Host Disease - her little body rejecting the transplant. 


As Abbie and her family fight for her life every day, we hope you will join us for only one day in a ride for her life.  If you're unable to ride, please sponsor Mary on her ride and help raise the funds so very much needed for Abbie.  

Please click here to make your contribution but please act fast; the offer is good only until Friday February 25, 2011.


In advance, we thank you for your support, and Abbie and her family thank you. 


Mary Goehring


Transcription Plus, LLC


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