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 July 2011

Women-Owned Small Businesses on the Rise


Did you know that last year data projections from The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute detail that future job growth will be created primarily by

women-owned small businesses?  By 2018 women entrepreneurs will be responsible for creating between 5 million and 5.5 million new jobs nationwide.  That is more than half the new jobs the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects small businesses to create!


As Founder and Owner of my own small business, I am very proud of the growth and success this company has enjoyed over the past 22+ years.  My business priorities turned a very sharp corner after the birth of my daughter, which led me down the path of creating my own business.  With the recent arrival of my granddaughter, I felt the timing was appropriate to write an article about Women Small Business Owners and what characterizes Success-Oriented Small Business Owners in general.


In a survey of American small-business owners, women are most likely to start businesses because they are unhappy with corporate life.  Corporations have come a long way in developing flex-hours and work-at-home programs to keep smart women with child care priorities in their midst.  The qualities that women bring to the table are still often taken for granted or overlooked.  Guardian's research shows that when women become their own bosses, they are more likely than male managers to:

         Engage in strategic facets of their business

         Be proactively customer focused

         Incorporate community and environment into their business plans

         Be receptive to input and guidance from others

         Commit to creating opportunities for others


No matter the gender, "success-oriented small business owners are a special breed of highly motivated, caring and curious individuals" says Mark D. Wolf, Director of The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute.  Do you have the characteristics necessary to balance your personal and business goals?  Can you take advantage of others expertise and seek and learn the best practices exhibited by your peers?


Each year there are many people who start a new company and want to build a long lasting business.  Take a look at these six dimensions identified by The Guardian Life and see if you have what it takes to be successful with your business.

1.)    Collaborative:  Delegate effectively to others within your business as well as build strong personal relationships with employees, vendors and customers. Commit yourself to creating opportunities for others.

2.)    Self-fulfilled:  Place high value on the personal fulfillment and gratification your company provides and the self-determination and respect that comes from being your own boss. 

3.)    Future focused:  Plan for both the short and long term future.  Focus on cash flow and a well thought out plan to run the day to day business as well as years into the future.

4.)    Curious:  Learn how others run their business.  Actively seek best practice insights regarding management, business innovation, prospecting and finding/motivating/retaining employees.

5.)    Tech Savvy:  Technology is a key point of leverage.  Rely on Technology, your Company's website and social media presence to make your business more effective and efficient.

6.)    Action Oriented:  Be proactive in taking initiative to build your business.  Commit to taking your business to the next level.  Adversity is an opportunity to move your business forward. 


My final thoughts as a small business owner and as a woman are these; Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy these days and the overall absence of a glass ceiling makes entrepreneurship more appealing to women than climbing the corporate ladder. 


No matter your gender, if you focus on the qualities and characteristics detailed in this article, you will make some important changes in the work environment that you have created with your own business. 



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