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October 2013



Let's get Digital!


As technology becomes more advanced, the push to move from taped dictation to digital dictation is bigger than ever.  The professional does not have to change his or her dictation routine, but it will change how securely and quickly a completed transcript is available.

Tapes are sent out by mail, which is timely. When tapes are sent with multiple dictations on it, this will make the lag time even greater.  A digital dictation can be sent instantaneously, decreasing turn-around time.  With our services, the digital dictation is saved to our secure servers automatically, saving more time for our clients.

Unlike a digital version, a taped dictation can be placed on a worn out tape, rendering it difficult to understand or useless. Taped dictation can be difficult to delete and impossible to add or edit information from anywhere else but at the end of dictation.  It is frustrating to repeat a dictation, and may increase the chance of inaccuracies within the content.

Having a digital format of the dictation speeds up the transcription process as well.  If it is a large project, multiple transcriptionists can be assigned to the project, which cannot occur when there is only one tape.  The transcriptionist is also able to slow the dictation down without the distortion that occurs while slowing down a tape.  This makes it easier to confirm what was dictated.  Also, if there is an unclear portion, it is easy to clip that particular section, send it back to the practitioner, and confirm accuracy.

 Transcription Plus, LLC offers a couple of services for you to utilize digital dictation.  All services are available around the clock.

  • Toll-free digital dictation option - We provide the client with an 800 phone number and access code.  You can call the 800 phone number from any telephone.  Upon hang up, the encrypted digital file automatically gets sent to our secure file server.  This service is available around the clock and saves time for our clients, as they don't have to package up the audio file. 
  • Conference Telephone Call Recording Dictation - Within this service, you sign onto the secure website to initiate the calls.  Upon hang up, the digital file is saved and then the encrypted digital file automatically gets sent to our secure file server.  Like our other service, this service too is available around the clock, and gives our clients more time for their work, as they do not have to package up the audio file.
  • Easy/Secure Internet based server for transferring audio files from your digital records - Transcription Plus, LLC offers (at no extra cost), unlimited, easy to use, and secure file server for your audio files from your hand-held digital recorders.  The easy to use, secure internet based server is available around the clock, and can hold archived data up to a year or more!

Transcription Plus, LLC is capable of handling all formats of dictation.  And if dictation arrived on parchment via carrier pigeon, we would figure out how to make that quick and accurate too!

Still not sure if digital dictation is right for your office? 
You cannot ignore the speed, security, and accuracy that digital dictations allow. 

Digital Dictation is for everyone!  

If you are ready to make the switch, please contact me directly and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have or you can visit our website here.



Mary Goehring


Transcription Plus, LLC



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Let's Get Digital

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StaffSpotlightStaff Spotlight

Debra Massack
Certified Medical Transcriptionist



Debra Massack has been working as a legal assistant in personal injury and medical malpractice litigation for over 20 years. She joined us in October of 2009 for a cardiology assignment. Debra's unfaltering attention to understanding content, formatting, grammatical & punctuation correctness are her strong points.



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Dr. Melissa K.

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