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August 2014

Is your transcription service a ticking time-bomb?


Transcribing medical records is a $20 billion per year business.  In order to cut costs, many medical facilities had begun the dangerous undertaking of sending the work overseas for cheap labor.  This can destroy businesses, ruin professional medical reputations and by far, worst of all, possibly kill patients.


The fines for violating the HIPAA law can destroy a medical business.  Transcription services in other countries do not fall under the USA law, so it is not a priority to safe-guard information with privacy.  Not only do these businesses save money by using cheap, unskilled, and often exploited  labor, they save money on the confidentiality protections and IT staff that USA-staffed companies have.  Recently, an overseas laborer offered to show how easy it is to send records, and emailed a news company the medical records of several patients; a major confidentiality breach!


It is difficult to trust a medical practitioner if their report is full of blanks and misspelled words.  Overseas companies often miss deadlines due to lack of technology and lack of communication.  This can lead to embarrassment and a loss of revenue, as patients seeks trustworthy medical facilities.


Also, errors made due to fatigue from long unregulated shifts, language barriers, and lack of commitment can cause huge medical issues for patients.  A misspelled condition or an incorrect dosage can prove to be deadly. The longer turn-around time can also interfere with getting immediate and accurate care in a timely manner.


Transcription Plus, LLC is a 100% United States staffed company that offers a 100% accurate guarantee.  This is much different than the "USA-base" companies who still employ laborers from overseas.  Our transcriptionist have the highest training and education, many who specialize in particular medical specialties.   We may be a few pennies more than a foreign company, but you will be able to rest easy knowing that your business and patient records are in safe hands.  Click here to meet our staff.  Looking forward to helping you soon.




Mary Goehring


Transcription Plus, LLC


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StaffSpotlight Staff Spotlight  

Diane Dobelstein
Certified Medical Transcriptionist 


Diana Dobelstein has been a valued member of our staff since June, 2009. Diana graduated from UMass Amherst in 1996 with a BA in History and received her medical certification from Career Step with High Honors. She can be counted on to produce impeccable work, whether she's working on medical, legal, general business or government assignments
To view an interview from Kristen, click here.
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Dr. Mark W.

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Contacting all of your patients to remind them of an upcoming appointment (or the need to make one) is as quick and easy as either faxing or emailing your Patient Day Sheet (generated electronically by your E.M.R. system or printed from your computer.) There are no log-ins; no user IDs; no passwords to remember! THAT SIMPLE!

Benefits of Client/Patient Reminders:

  • Reduce client/patient no-show rate by as much as 1/3 and increase timely cancellations.
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  • Re-capture lost staff and physician time by automating client communication.
  • Better managed patient health.
  • Elimination of expensive paper-based mailing campaigns.
  • Secure and compliant patient messaging.
  • Email, voice and text notifications available. 
  • Daily call result report, sent directly to your office.

Depending on the size of your client base, the minimal effort of simply forwarding your Patient Day Sheet and extremely small weekly cost could decrease patient no-shows by 30%; equating to a possible 30% increase in revenue when those empty slots are filled with viable appointments.....all without interrupting your busy staff's priority tasks. There are NO set-up fees.   


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Crisp and clear, high volume audio recording of any telephone conversation can be yours with no additional equipment required. There are many applications for this service. Physicians, Attorneys, Law Enforcement and Business Professionals have conversations with patients, opposing Attorneys, clients or initiate conference calls. All information discussed can be recorded and documented so there is no question as to the accuracy of what was discussed.  This service is even beneficial for an individual's personal use. We live in a very litigious society. Whether you have a verbal agreement with a contractor or with family and friends, there is no need to be deceived or swindled or have any controversy regarding those agreements. Never rely on memory regarding exactly what was discussed in a telephone conversation again.


You are able to record a conference with multiple parties too!