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July 2015

Do you multitask to save time?   

Not only doesn't that work, it's unhealthy!

Ancient Roman Publilius Syrus once said "To do two things at once is to do neither."
Life has become fast-paced, and it is easy to think multi-tasking is the answer to the limited hours in a day.  But it does not work.  Not only that, it can be dangerous, as studies show that driving while talking on a cell phone impairs a driver as much as if the driver was drunk.  It is also proven that multitasking leads to increased amount of mistakes due to lack of focus, which can be significant when entering medical information into a tablet, putting together that all important legal defense, compiling intricate facts for your research study or spotlighting critical parameters for your municipal community.
The hard truth is that we cannot multitask at all; we are technically task-switching, rapidly changing focus from one task to another.  Our brains cannot operate like a computer, and the effort to change focus can affect productivity by 40%. The time it takes to change focus increases the overall amount of time necessary to spend on a task.  Even automatic tasks, such as walking and talking on a phone, become longer.  
Multitasking affects memory as well.  When multitasking, it has been found that information can be stored in the wrong part of the brain.  A study out of Stanford University found that students who studied while watching TV stored the information in the striatum, not the hippocampus, making the information more difficult to retrieve.
Stress and anxiety has been proven to increase with multitasking.  Studies show that multitasking elevates the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the brain.  It also increases the level of adrenaline, causing scrambled thinking.  Heart rate is also influenced by multitasking.  In short, multitasking negatively affects our health.

Multitasking causes us to miss out on life due to "inattentional blindness".  A study showed 75% of college students who walked across a campus square while talking on their cell phones did not notice a clown riding a unicycle nearby.  This lack of attention is also why multitaskers overeat, as they do not pay attention to the feeling of satiety.   Additionally, this can also cause a decline in relationships as couples begin to miss the subtle nuances on the face of their partner.

It isn't easy to stop multitasking.  The brain can become addicted to finding new tasks, as multitasking creates a dopamine-addiction feedback loop, effectively rewarding itself when finding novel stimulation.  To break the pattern, batch tasks together, such as answering emails all at once.  Once we stay on a particular task, the brain's central executive mode kicks in and we need less energy and effort to complete a task. Think about the reward of handling each task only once compared to having to focus on it repeatedly.  Finally, Transcription Plus, LLC can take over some of the clerical work in your office, freeing you up to focus on the important task at hand.

Contact us here to see how we can help you gain productivity.

Mary A. Goehring
Transcription Plus, LLC



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Contacting all of your patients to remind them of an upcoming appointment (or the need to make one) is as quick and easy as either faxing or emailing your Patient Day Sheet (generated electronically by your E.M.R. system or printed from your computer.) There are no log-ins; no user IDs; no passwords to remember! THAT SIMPLE!

Benefits of Client/Patient Reminders:

  • Reduce client/patient no-show rate by as much as 1/3 and increase timely cancellations.
  • Send customized messages based on appointment type.
  • Increase revenue.
  • Keep on schedule with improved arrival time.
  • Re-capture lost staff and physician time by automating client communication.
  • Better managed patient health.
  • Elimination of expensive paper-based mailing campaigns.
  • Secure and compliant patient messaging.
  • Email, voice and text notifications available. 
  • Daily call result report, sent directly to your office.

Depending on the size of your client base, the minimal effort of simply forwarding your Patient Day Sheet and extremely small weekly cost could decrease patient no-shows by 30%; equating to a possible 30% increase in revenue when those empty slots are filled with viable appointments.....all without interrupting your busy staff's priority tasks. There are NO set-up fees.   


Simplify your life's conversations with documentation!
Crisp and clear, high volume audio recording of any telephone conversation can be yours with no additional equipment required. There are many applications for this service. Physicians, Attorneys, Law Enforcement and Business Professionals have conversations with patients, opposing Attorneys, clients or initiate conference calls. All information discussed can be recorded and documented so there is no question as to the accuracy of what was discussed.  This service is even beneficial for an individual's personal use. We live in a very litigious society. Whether you have a verbal agreement with a contractor or with family and friends, there is no need to be deceived or swindled or have any controversy regarding those agreements. Never rely on memory regarding exactly what was discussed in a telephone conversation again.


You are able to record a conference with multiple parties too!


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A dictation APP presents a new dimension for wireless working. Record digital dictations with your Smartphone and instantly send them to Transcription Plus, LLC regardless of your location.

Recording, editing and downloading dictation files from your Smartphone offers mobile flexibility and reduces document turnaround time. When recording is finished and you're ready to send your work to Transcription Plus, LLC, simply touch a button and we just received your audio files!

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